About us

Some people grew up spending time playing with tractors, Lego farms or farming apps, we are lucky we grew up to enjoy the real game with real farms, real machinery, hard work and commitment.


About Us

Next Gen Farming is a food and agribusiness organization that grows horizontally and vertically with a sustainable “Farm to Fork” operations in mind. With Headquarters in Bucharest, we are a multi country organization that operates with selective investments in national and international markets (Romania, Bulgaria, Greece and the Rep. of Moldova) at all levels of the food value chain. Our Vision is to lead the market and sustainability efforts in the niches we operate.

Our company, Next Gen Farming SRL is committed to the Agrifood ecosystem from “farm to fork” using innovative solutions that support farming, storing, processing and trade to the next level with a strong focus on sustainability. That said our range of global products and services offer a lower carbon footprint, promote less use of water levels, and are based on Integrated Pest and Nutrient Management principles focused on reducing excess use of pesticides and nutrients. This ensures a more environmental-friendly approach while maintaining profitable outlets for our clients.

Last but not least, we are focused on several social aspects such as the working woman with children, the one member households, the travelers, the urban context and their common need for high quality food farmed, processed and delivered in a sustainable manner. That said, we do not think food in a transactional manner. We think about food with a holistic and sustainable philosophy that encompass legal, technical, and social requests.

Our Story

Next Gen Farming was born as a successor of a well-established Group highly engaged in farming, processing and trade in Romania. For many years, our parents have had a track record of success and where able to contribute significantly to developing the Romanian agriculture market across all its value chains.

We at Next Gen Farming SRL, like our parents, have grown to serve the farming community and understand their everyday needs for safety, consistency and reliability. Established in 2017, Next Gen farming grew slowly into becoming a credible firm that offers agri-solutions that are effective in yielding promising results, lowering costs, and improving efficiency.

However, given the increased challenges facing agriculture today from sustainability, environmental concerns, and increased demand for higher quality/organic fruits and vegetables, concentrating on economic returns for all players in the market was not enough. We needed to face a new challenge!

This is when the “Farm to Fork” concept caught our attention given its importance to the European Agriculture Strategy in achieving sustainability.

There is a significant social change and challenge around agrifood with an increasing demand for fresh, less processed, and sustainably sourced food with a shorter supply chain. As a result, we realized that the “Farm to Fork” concept was not only a new business opportunity but an effective solution for a better sustainable future. To make this happen, we teamed up with a strategic partner in 2021 to strengthen our company and advance to the next stage.

Today we have become fully committed to embrace the “Farm to Fork” concept in Romania by participating in the whole value chain of “farm to fork” for vegetables, fruits and processed food. That is Farming, Processing and Trade leading to final consumption.

Our goal is to vertically integrate operations from Farm to Fork to achieve maximum sustainability and added value to the whole agri-food ecosystem.

That said, Next Gen Farming SRL aims to provide the necessities from farming to production and processing in a vertical manner addressing the challenges of sustainable food supply chain. By doing that we believe we can shift the value chain to a sustainable food system bringing environmental, health and social benefits while also maintaining economic gains for everyone involved in the value chain.

We are customized with resiliencetrust, credibility, forward thinking and a very positive spirit which represent our personal values that we live and work by every day.

Concerning our work Ethics, we vow to put our partners in the center of our thinking, not only as a customer but as a professional, as a person and as a friend. We feel comfortable committing a partnership like no other in the industry with a sustainable win-win attitude.

  • Resilience
  • Trust
  • Credibility
  • Forward thinking
  • Positive Spirit