Our concept



Farming 1

Supply the farmers, via our distribution network, with innovative agriculture solutions and infrastructure from top industry providers.

Farming 2

Offer technical know-how based on best farming practices in Europe.

Farming 3

Perform “on farm” technical support and field visits with specialized technicians from top tier firms to help monitor plant development process.

Farming 4

Organize instructive seminars for farmers on harvesting process to ensure maximum quality preservation.

Farming 5

Secure production contracts with farmers of high-quality fruits and vegetables that meets consumers’ needs and specifications.

Farming 6

Prepare farming for the new European “Farm to Fork” era.


Processing 1

Offer necessary retail guidelines to farmers concerning quality, size and quantity requirements by top industry fruit and vegetable retailers.

Processing 2

Process fruits and vegetables in a marketing/commercial effective manner following HACCP and international quality protocols.

Processing 3

Package fruits and vegetables as per top retail requirements to meet high standards delivery conditions.

Processing 4

Ensure high-quality fruits, vegetables and ready-to-eat products by following highest quality control protocols.


Trade 1

Connect Internationally farming with consumers’ needs and demands for healthy and nutritious diets.

Trade 2

Deliver fruits, vegetables, and ready-to-eat food to our partners in the wholesaling and retail distribution industry via our trusted logistics providers.

Trade 3

Support trade with all the international quality protocols related to trade and safe use of food.

Trade 4

Work closely with the highest standards retail chains.

Our Partners